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How to Monitor WhatsApp Chat and Activity

Monitor WhatsApp Chat

The functionality of a chat app is not that different from a traditional email client. The only difference is that the messages and conversations are stored in a decentralised network instead of on one central server.

This decentralised network was created by WhatsApp to make sure that no single person or company can gain access to information about user activity. However, this decentralizes its vulnerabilities, and anyone can use it to spy on users’ activities or even blackmail them into doing something they don’t want to do.

Why Should You Monitor WhatsApp Activity?

Here are a few popular malicious features on WhatsApp that make monitoring WhatsApp activities necessary.

  • Inappropriate content: WhatsApp has no restrictions on what kind of content can be shared. Users, especially kids, are exposed to inappropriate content as a result. Information spreads quickly through the chat app because of its popularity.
  • Exposure to strangers: As WhatsApp is used by a large number of people, some users may have malicious intentions. Strangers can share inappropriate content with other persons on the platform.
  • Cyberbullying: Monitoring WhatsApp activity is also necessary to prevent digital bullying. Strangers can bully users via group chats besides being bullied by their friends. There are many forms of bullying, including rumours, mean comments, and video trends.
  • Privacy: WhatsApp ensures high levels of privacy and security for its users. There are multiple views available in each chat room, however. You can snap or screenshot a chat from any other platform viewing screen and share it across multiple platforms.
  • Scams: Any typical scam can be perpetrated on WhatsApp users. Group chats are usually used to get in touch with strangers. In addition, people are targeted with spyware, money requests, catfishing, phishing, and fake job offers.

Monitoring WhatsApp on iPhone

Method 1: With Family Orbit App

You can monitor WhatsApp messages remotely on your child’s iPhone using the Family Orbit iOS Extractor software. The app can be downloaded and installed on your computer, and then the Apple iTunes software can back up your iPhone remotely. Using the Family Orbit Desktop app, you can decode and upload backup logs, which can be viewed from anywhere.

If your children have started using WhatsApp, you may want to review it periodically. In addition to monitoring text messages, call logs, web browser history and search queries, and KIK messages on your iPhone with Family Orbit, you can also track web browsing history.

Method 2: With PhoneRescue Backup Extractor

PhoneRescue can recover logs from your iPhone using forensic data software. The software can be downloaded on Windows or Mac computers, and then logs can be retrieved directly from the device, iTunes backup, or iCloud. You can even recover deleted iPhone messages using this method.

Monitoring WhatsApp on Android

Method 1: With Family Orbit Android App

Your child’s WhatsApp messages can be monitored easily with the Family Orbit Android app. Getting started is as simple as signing up and downloading the app on your child’s phone. Once your child receives the WhatsApp messages, Family Orbit will log them into your online account.

Anytime you wish, you can access the online panel to view the logs. Family Orbit can also track your child’s GPS location, photos, videos, and call history in addition to WhatsApp.

Method 2: RealTime-Spy Android SpyTech

Besides Android surveillance software, RealTime-Spy is also available as remote mobile spy software. All actions performed on the Android device are logged. You can view real-time activity data using Realtime-Spy, and you can also track the device’s location in real time.

Using the Realtime-Spy website, you can do this twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The data logs store information on the messages that are sent, the social network messages, the apps that have been used, the websites viewed, the calls, pictures, and locations.

Parenting Tips for WhatsApp Safety

To keep your children safe on WhatsApp, you can do a couple of things as a parent. The following tips will help you learn more about WhatsApp.

Control the Information Sharing on WhatsApp

You can control the information that your child shares on WhatsApp. Default WhatsApp settings include sharing last seen, online status, profile picture, and status with everyone else. If you want to restrict how much information people have about your child, you can turn these features off in your kids’ WhatsApp accounts.

Restrict Contacts

You can restrict your WhatsApp messages without turning off features. Each individual has categorised into three categories. The details of your kid can be shared with everybody, my contacts, and Nobody. Restricting details of visibility to my contacts is the best option.

Be Aware of a Location-sharing Feature

There is a location-sharing feature on WhatsApp that parents should be aware of. Video and image sharing on Facebook will display the location where they were created or taken if the setting is enabled.

Schedule WhatsApp Usage

App locks can be used by parents to prevent strangers from accessing their child’s WhatsApp accounts. If you decide to give your child access to the password, you can set rules for how they use it.


Monitoring the activities of your family, friends, and colleagues is important with a WhatsApp tracker. Keeping an eye on your kids has never been easier with this app. All simple computing devices and wireless devices can be tracked at a small level via the tracker.

Different types of apps are available depending on the current needs. It is the primary objective of the applications mentioned above to track your employee or child’s messages that may have been abused. Using it, you can monitor their location in real-time.


How can I control WhatsApp from another phone?

You’ll need to scan a WhatApp QR code to link a new device to your account, so only scan QR codes on WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, Portal from Meta, or Ray-Ban Stories.

How can I track WhatsApp online activity?

The best free WhatsApp tracker is AirDroid. The app provides all tracking features for free and has parental control options. Using this application, you can track online notifications, last seen, location, and chat messages. In addition to monitoring WhatsApp, it offers many other features.

Can you see if someone is watching your WhatsApp?

When you turn on “Read receipts,” you will be able to see both your WhatsApp stories and those of the person who has turned on receipts. Here, you can use the read receipts to see how frequently the other person is looking at your story if you are concerned about a stalker.